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Contest SureStar: A stimulating challenge SureStar LiDAR as MMS mounted on a car


The demonstration activity of the SureStar LiDAR was conducted by the technicians of SureStar Italian Distributor Microgeo srl.

Microgeo srl  has carried out the activity in September 2020 in Fusignano town, in the province of Ravenna, Italy.

The purpose of the demonstration was to test Surestar LiDAR on a vehicle in a heavily wooded area with few GPS coverage. Due to the very tree-lined road, it was impossible to scan the street using the LiDAR integrated on an UAV. Therefore Microgeo decided to adapt the SureStar Genius-16 and mount it on a vehicle through the creation of a dedicated mount.

Equipment and Software Used

LiDAR: Surestar Genius-16

Car Mount: built by Microgeo

GCPS collected using a GNSS receiver

Terrasolid software: (Module TerraScan, TerraMatch)





Before starting the survey a series of GCPS were detected to check, in a second moment, the accuracy of SureStar Genius. GCPS were collected in clearly visible areas in the point cloud of LiDAR like the pedestrian crossing. Some of the GPCS were collected at the beginning of the street, some others in the middle and some else at the end for a total of thirteen GCPS.

The survey consists in the acquisition of a street 2 km long (2 drive-pass).

The speed of the car during the acquisition phase was 20 km/h and the survey lasted about 15 minutes.

After acquisition in order to improve the accuracy and overall quality of the raw mobile point cloud the software TerraScan and TerraMatch have been used.

TerraScan consinsts in managing and processing point clouds efficiently in a highly automated mode whereas TerraMatch improves the accuracy and quality of raw point clouds.

The data used in Terrasolid software includes a 2 drive-pass point cloud in las format and a set of GCPS for z

Adapting a LiDAR that was born for the world of UAV to the car has been a very stimulating challenge.

The team of Microgeo can consider themselves really satisfied with the results obtained by the system.


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