Stencil is a stand-alone, light weight, and low-cost system unleashing the integrated power of mapping and real-time position estimation.


Kaarta proprietary technology (similar to SLAM technology) has been integrated with 3D Lidar, a camera for the correlation of the features and IMU to provide 6 DOF State information at 200 Hz for those automating robots as well as generating maps in realtime. The producers of the system and the owners of the scans registration algorithms, whom also won the competition on positioning without GPS in 2016 organized by Microsoft, want to clarify that it's not the traditional SLAM: Stencil guarantees a higher precision on traveled distance instead of the traditional SLAM. Stencil can be easily mounted on a drone, a vehicle, or conveniently carried by hand or in a backpack.The Stencil compact form factor can be handheld, aircraft mounted, or vehicle mounted.

Suitable for surveys of city centers, urban and extra urban roads, up to a speed of 70 km/h with tunnels, river courses, wooded areas for DTM extraction and calculation of Biomass, Microgeo has test several times this innovative technique without GPS.
The results are excellent, and they are available on our website:

Stencil was compared against a laser scanner, which acquires point cloud data while stationary. The results show differences in the point clouds generated by the two systems on the order of 1 to 2 cm over an area of 20 square meters. You can download the REPORT for more information.‚Äč

In a recent competition among technologies for localization in indoor environments, organized by Microsoft in Vienna, Stencil ranked first with an error of only 16 cm in repositioning on a known point for a scan in motion without GPS. You can visualize the official results HERE.




  • Adapter fits VLP-16 and HDL-32E LiDARs
  • mini HDMI
  • USB3 X 2
  • Connections for the Velodyne® LiDAR
  • Input: Power 12-19 vDC
  • 700 gram package (without LiDAR)
  • Laser scanner: adapts to Velodyne VLP-16/HDL-32E
  • MEMS IMU: 6DOF solid state
  • i7 dual core processor
  • Output: USB3 (USB3 to GigE adapter provided)


DTM of a forest ground realized with SLAM technology without GPS

 Download the full dataset

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Real-Time 3D Mapping and Localization

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UAV Real-Time 3D Mapping and Localization