Aeromax Infrared System

In Thermographic applications, where you need appropriate skills to manage the data detected, MicroGeo offers to its customers an experience gained over more 15 years of thermographic courses and applications in the various fields of thermography.

Drone System – Optris Pi 400/450 LightWeight

Technical features

This thermal camera can be mount on:

  • AeromaX4

These multi-copter has got:

  • camera stabilization system
  • radio controlled guidance system
  • autonomous navigation system
  • real-time display system


Software of image processing (ENERGY)

Thermal camera

  • sensor: 388 x 288 px
  • sensibility: 0,1 - 0,08 °C; 0,04 - 0,06 °C
  • range: -20°C - +900°C

Thermal camera on board: OPTRIS Pi 400/450 LightWeight

One of the latest innovations for all those sectors that require a thermographic detection controlled remotely, as in the case of drones or unmanned aircraft (APR).


  • Thermal dissipation of buildings
  • Infrastructure inspection
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Agriculture
  • Illegal landfills and waste water control