Professional Drones


Professional Drones - Aeromax (UAV) solution

Microgeo offers various solutions of DRONES for Professional Surveying. 

Microgeo is able to integrate on their Drones many thermographic, Photogrammetric, Multi-Hyperspectral and Laser scanner systems, installing appropriate sensors on board. Each solution has got also its Software for flight missions and for data processing (radiometric thermo mosaics, orthophotos, volumes, sections and contour lines).

The main drones solutions that we offer are:

    AeromaX4 is the new multisensor drone for photogrammetry, termography and multi-spectral. This aircraft was designed and developed exclusively for Microgeo in order to be able to offer, in the field of topographic and architectural survey, a reliable and secure system to capture diffrerent kind of aerial images for all customer needs.
    Due to the new regulatory restrictions, Microgeo srl has designed and produced the first drone weighing less than 250 grams for photogrammetric use: the BeeCopter. This mini-drone does not need a driving course and it is enabled to fly even in urban areas. It mounts a 12-megapixel camera with modified optics to avoid the distortion of the images and, despite its small size, it has an autonomy of 10 minutes of flight. The BeeCopter has the same functionality of the "great professional drones": you can set up a flight plan with the aid of a PC and manage the positioning via GPS + Glonass; furthermore, in case of low voltage, it automatically goes back to the takeoff point.
    This is a system with an integrated camera on the UAV drone for photogrammetric surveys, orthophotos, volumes in quarries, cadastre and topography, architectural surveys. 
    It can be mounted on AeromaX4.
    This is a system with an integrated thermo sensor on the UAV drone to detect water stress in cultures, to controll illegal dumping, landslides, architectural degradation and solar panels. To make a thermographic detection with drones we have a system made up with the latest cameras from Optris®, interfaced to a Computer-On-Module (COM), which can be mounted on all Aeromax drones. The cameras allow to measure temperatures from -20°C to 900°C acquiring images with a resolution of 388x288 pixels at a speed (frame rate) of 80 Hz.
    Microgeo offers an integrated laser scanner system (LIDAR) on board of the UAV drone and a software to process the data. The system allows to perform a survey with a high level of metric accuracy. It is a multicopter with eight arms with a payload of 10 kg. It can stay in the air for 45 minutes with a maximum speed of 10 m/s. For the flight plan we have an efficient and intuitive software tool optimized for aero-photogrammetry.