YellowScan Mapper II

Entry-level and reliable turn-key LiDAR system for under-vegetation 3D modelling needs


YellowScan R&D is fueled by needs of surveyors, researchers, asset managers and all people requiring LiDAR data.
Having an easy-to-handle, easy-to-use and accurate system at an affordable price was a prerequisite.
With a new ergonomic design and a stream-lined direct georeferencing workflow, YellowScan Mapper II is an excellent solution for your UAV projects with short-time data processing needs.

YellowScan Mapper II includes:

  • Multi-echo laser scanner
  • Single board GNSS-Inertial solution Applanix APX15
  • On-board computer for continuous data acquisition and processing
  • Battery (up to 1.5 hours of autonomy)
  • Worldwide efficient technical and operational support


  • Precision : 10 cm
  • Accuracy* : (XY) 15 cm (Z) 5 cm
  • Laser scanner frequency : 18 kHz
  • Weight : 2.1 kg battery included (4.6 lbs)
  • Power Consumption : 10W
  • Autonomy : 1.5 hours typ.
  • Size (mm) : L154 x W206 x H176


  • Robust and reliable
  • Turn-key and simple to operate
  • Fully autonomous, can be mounted quickly on any drone
  • Direct georeferencing workflow for increased accuracy and efficiency of mapping from UAVs
  • LAS files generated in only a few minutes
  • LiveStation compatible to view your point cloud live
  • Camera synchronization for real time georeferencing of your pictures


  • Environmental research
  • Archeology
  • Forestry
  • General topography
  • Geology