Laser Scanner

3D Laser Scanner for Sale and Rent: terrestrial laser scanner, LIDAR for Plane/Helicopter, MMS (Mobile Mapping System), systems of dynamic survey using laser scanners and cameras. The georeferenced digital laser scans with high resolution images are useful for 3D surveys in Geology, Architecture, Topography, Archaeology and Monitoring. In the heritage sector you can also scan small 3D objects as archaeological remains, capitals, statues and bas-reliefs.

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Professional Drones

Microgeo is able to integrate on their Drones many thermographic, Photogrammetric, Multi-Hyperspectral and Laser scanner systems, installing appropriate sensors on board. Each solution has got also its Software for flight missions and for data processing (radiometric thermo mosaics, orthophotos, volumes, sections and contour lines).

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The photogrammetry is traditionally known as a technique that determines metrically the shape and the position of objects from two frames. This technique has now changed dramatically with the help of complex algorithms from computer vision, called SFM (Structure from Motion). This NEW PHOTOGRAMMETRY is a technique that uses multiple images of the same area to rebuild the 3D geometry of the objects in an entirely automatic manner. It is used in cartography, topography, geology, engineering and architecture.

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The municipality of Florence has began the first phase of studies to restore and regenerate the castle of St John the Baptist commonly known has "Fortezza da Basso".

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Duomo di Milano:
Rilievo con Laser Scanner Riegl Vz400i
ed elaborazione nel software NUBIGON

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